Policy Analysis for Dalit Empowerment course focuses on providing hands-on policy and data analysis skills. This course focuses on equipping academic and social activists to generate evidence and to carry out evidence-based policy advocacy. 

In Nepal, most social activists lack adequate understanding of how social and economic policy affect Dalit lives and livelihoods. For example, no analysis exists to explain what roles Nepal’s tax policy has played in Dalit lives and livelihoods. Similarly, there is hardly any research on how Nepal’s industrial policy has contributed in Dalit entrepreneurship. It is also hardly a trend in Nepal to analyze any survey data to assess Dalits’ position in Nepal’s socio-economic and human development. 

Policy and Dalit Analysis for Dalit will focus is, thus, designed for social activists and policy makers who consider it necessary to identify Dalit factor in Nepal’s policy making. This course offers skills on topics such as:

    • Dalit problems
    • Politics of policy making 
    • Policy analysis in relations to Dalit livelihoods 
    • Data analysis and identifying Dalit variables


Policy and Data Analysis for Dalit course has research and writing at the coure because it is necessary to convey analyses and recommendations to policy makers. The course targets producing policy analysts who can analyse policy in relation to Dalit lives and livelihoods and write to convey their analyses to aware public and policy makeres. The skills and cross-disciplinary insights one develops will allow to identify important unanswered questions about Dalit lives in Nepal’s public policy.

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