Dalit History Narration Course is rooted in “discipline-plus” structure. This course combines disciplinary features of social sciences as well as writing and composition with strong focus on research. This course focuses on equipping academic and social activists to contribute in narrating Dalit history. 

In Nepal, Dalit history so far has a space in the footnote of mainstream Nepali history. As result, most Nepali scholars ignore Dalit knowledge, science, art, culture, language, and their contribution in state building. Ignorance about Dalit history not only casts Dalits off their identity but also makes insignificant in public life. 

Dalit History Narration course is, thus, designed for academic and social activists who have broad interests and commitment in re-narrating or narrating Dalit history. The course offers research and writing skills in topics such as:

    • Dalit science and art 
    • Dalit economy and entrepreneurship 
    • Dalit in politics 
    • Dalit social movement 
    • Caste and patriarchy 
    • Dalit knowledge and education 
    • Dalits’ contribution in state building 


Dalit history narration course has research at the core because narrating Dalit history needs producing knowledge. The course targets producing scholars who can research and write in depth about Dalits and their space in Nepal’s past and present. The skills and cross-disciplinary insights one develops will allow to identify important unanswered questions about Dalit lives and create research strategy that improve our understanding of caste problems.

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