Dalit Reader is an academic institute that contributes to bring social change. It promotes academic activism and advocacy for social justice and economic equality. It has been training academic and social activists as well as emerging leaders on research and writing. 

DR’s research and writing programs have two objectives. First, it aims to influence socio-economic policies at all levels—federal, provincial, and local governments. It focuses on reaching out to policy makers and social activists through Op-Ed, blogs, presentation, and social media. Second, it gears its research and writing programs towards re-creating and re-writing Nepal’s history from the most marginalized groups’ perspective. It researches indegenous knowledge of Dalits and marginalized groups and provides voice to voiceless communities creating space for their personal and community stories. 

It focuses on the following key activities to achieve the objectives. First, DR trains and mentors aspiring Dalit and non-Dalit academic and social activists on writing, research, presentation, public speaking. Second, it leads public discourse, organizes public discussions, seminars, and conferences, conducts research, and publishes knowledge products.

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